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CIRCUL Schlaftracker Ring - Sleeptracker - Smart Ring

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Schnarchen, gesundheitliche Risiken und Folgen


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Our vision?
We want to make innovative medical technology accessible to people, which enables a better quality of life.

Empirical value:
20 years of experience with medical technology and especially in the field of respiratory medicine - we know the needs of our customers, which we focus on every day. We know: More control and the certainty of your sleep in the morning gives you more serenity.

Our goal:
Affected people help not only to recognize their sleep apnea, but also to measure the success of the therapy easily and reliably.

Expert ring
The ring is the result of collaboration with leading specialists in somnology and other medical fields.

Our claim? Highest level.
The high precision of the CIRCUL ring is the result of continuous optimization and constant tests - for example, the CIRCUL runs on 200 people in large hospitals every day.

Do you want control over your sleep? No more constant tiredness that leads to spontaneous falling asleep during the day?
Experience better days - through controlled nights.